November 24, 2015
January 3, 2016

CZECH REPUBLIC – PRAGUE (Get-away weekend), November 2015

This Sunday is kind of mellow. We stayed in bed ’till noon (like we normally do during the weekend). After that, my love went downstairs to the kitchen and made us a vegan breakfast (like he normally does pretty much every morning <3). It’s a windy day outside and it feels comfy sitting on the couch and putting together my thoughts. I feel a heavy energy around and a day that is bringing an opportunity to clear my mind, and to reflect on my life.

Sometimes I try to understand where does this feeling of low energy and melancholy come from. In my opinion it shouldn’t be present at all.

I notice all these people we meet and friends back home – who have really busy schedules with work, errands, hobbies, … They are mainly lacking the time to slow down, to do nothing, to meditate, to be lazy, to reflect, to enjoy – just being. That way – we can pause and reflect on our day, month, year, life …

I’m trying to figure out, where does this melancholy come from. I have a feeling that it wants to sneak into my thoughts, although it has no business being here.

Life here in England is serving us well. Better then we could ever imagine. We don’t work hard – it is more of a helping and being there for our employers situation, than actually working. We get a lot in return; we save our money for the “future free life”… We eat out every weekend, we can buy some new clothes and all the little things in between. We spend a lot of time with the doggies (that helps us to stay in the “now” and it also reminds us what’s really important) in nature, to reboot ourselves.

England and this job position are giving us a lot. It’s giving us the possibility to enjoy ourselves, on totally different levels that we were used too. It’s teaching us, that by giving, we will start receiving.

Last weekend we went for a little get-away to Prague, Czech Republic. There’s an awesome party called Transmission, which we wanted to check out for the last 3 years. We never had the money to do so. So my love booked VIP tickets for the party and airplane tickets 4-5 months ago.

Friday 20.11.2015 had arrived.  At 3am we woke up, took our luggage and drove 30 minutes to Stansted airport, London. More than a year had passed since I flew with  an airplane, and  it was still as I imagined it to be. I just love it. <3

The flight to Prague airport took 1 hour & 20 minutes. There – the driver was waiting for us and took us to Clarion Congress hotel. We really liked the hotel, it’s staff and the location. We stepped out the door and we were already in this shopping mall with all the restaurants, Vegan shop, spa and wellness – which we could use (as a hotel guests). So the first day, we stayed in the complex, chilled, went to the spa, relaxed in jacuzzi and saunas. It felt soooo nice, things like that are very uncommon in England – they have spas and wellness – but usually they are reserved for the wealthier class of people (very expensive).

Then we went to dinner and after that, we went to sleep for 2 hours (we only slept 3 hours before leaving for Stansted). After that, we were hanging out in the hotel bar and mall’s restaurant. Since being fairly tired, we decided to go to bed earlier than normal, to our spacious and comfy room.

The next day we woke up, went to delicious buffet veggie breakfast and went to the city center with the metro (the station is right there, under the mall). We went in some local stores, where I bought some new shoes for the party. I had two pairs with me – and both were new – so my feet were killing me. So I knew that I won’t be able to dance the night away with uncomfy shoes. The new ones were a lot better.

We strolled around the city, it was reasonable sunny (sometimes it seemed – that we were taking the sunshine with us wherever we went). The city had that romantic smell of autumn, fire pits burning, children cooking their hot dogs on the fire, people enjoying the city, others selling art and stuff, dogs following their owners, small crowded Café’s and Pub’s, cute little stylish restaurants, romantic atmosphere. There was a protest going on, for the animals – Say no to fur. We went among “our people” and came across a lovely group of people with their dogs, minks and ferrets.


The sun was setting behind the buildings and the darkness gave the city it’s charm. We slowly headed back to hotel, had a lovely Chinese vegan dinner and went to the room to slowly prepare for Transmission <3. We turned on the music (portable speaker we brought with us) in our room, had few drinks and got ourselves ready. Everything was super cheap here, in comparison to English standard. The prices are similar to Slovenian prices (food, drinks etc …).

All ready to go, we just went down to the mall, the metro is right there in the lowest part of the mall. It took us around 3 minutes via metro to the O2 arena. We had VIP tickets,  so we had no crowd at the entry. Hostesses greeted us with some champagne and there was a vip bar with vip toilets just outside the bar. With a crowd of 17.000 people that’s quite handy.

The atmosphere was amazing. The people were very nice, we met some company from Germany and Australia. Music played at this event is not what we usually listen to. We came for the effects, and the theme of the party was “The Creation”. It blew us away, we were dancing for all those 3 years of waiting for a party like this. We had tons of energy and that was only with a few drinks. The people kept coming up to us, asking if we have any pills to sell. Apparently – we looked like we were drugged because of our energy level and enthusiasm.


I always try to keep my head clear for the events like this. I am an observer by nature. So often I have a completely different experience from others.

We were in this fairytale world from 10 pm to almost 6 am. My love would had still be dancing for another few hours, if the event would had lasted that long. The event was pretty much what I expected, the only thing missing (for me) was the storytelling, the flow, the connection of the story, between DJs. The theme “Creation” is something so wide, that the only limitation is imagination – so they could do better.

We came back to the room, showered and hit the bed. My love woke up to catch the last breakfast hour, I didn’t bother. My body was feeling like I ran a marathon (and I’m really not in running shape). It also didn’t appreciate those few drinks I’d put in my system (my body has a slight alcohol intolerance). So I slept ’till 3pm. My love was feeling way better than I did, so he went to the spa to recharge and detox. I was slowly coming alive again, so we went out for lunch. After lunch, we stayed in bed until 8:30pm – when we checked out of the hotel. After that, the driver took us to the airport. We had our flight back at 11 pm. I did not enjoyed this flight. The lights in the cabin were on, the staff was constantly selling things, we were tired …

We came to Stansted around 0:20 am, Monday morning . After leaving the airport, we had to wait for our coach which took us to our long term parking place. The car was frozen. Love scraped the windows and we went back home to our over-excited doggies in the middle of the night.

       And here I am … having this experience, which feels like a dream right now. Every memory feels like a dream afterwards to me. I can not touch it, I can not feel it and the only proof of it’s existence are just some photos and a dreamlike memory. And that is the reason why I tend to enjoy these experiences in the now – while they are in the “making”, in the process. Life is short and it all comes down to these dreamlike memories you are left with. Make them memorable, make them important. My life is about making the impact on everything that comes to my presence – by simply being me. To meet everybody with kindness, with love, to do no harm and to not participate in things that cause harm.

Living this way, I give my experiences deeper meaning, I live with a purpose of putting a little bit of me into everything that surrounds us. Life can always get better than expected, if we become better persons, than who we were yesterday.

 And regarding this heavy melancholic day, maybe all I really need is a walk with my love and these two doggies, throughout the fields, of this cold, windy, dark, English evening.

 Lots of love, ’till next time.


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