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PRAGUE, November 2017
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GREECE – KRF, September 2017


So – after few years of moving from one location & job to another here in England – me and my partner finally settled in the job position in Cotswolds.

After spending almost a year here – adjusting and working – I was longing for a nice sea side break in my beloved Croatia. We already made plans, made few reservations – but when it came down to our vacation date in September – the weather prognoses down in Croatia wasn’t at all nice. To be fair – it was very English like. So we did what we do the best – adjust. We canceled the Croatia reservations, and when we flew home to Slovenia – we went to near city to look for some sunny last minute trips and reservations. We had a look and found this offer of all inclusive 10 days of Greece – Island Krf. We did not hesitate and just made the booking to fly out in 2 days.

The flight was just 1 hour and 10 minutes from the Ljubljana airport and it was a night flight. When we came to Krf – we boarded a bus that took us to our hotel. It was 2am when the buss stopped in front of hotel and 4 of us got off. We settled in our hotel room and the next morning we noticed that we’re missing a backpack (later discovered that we left it on the bus and it was never recovered). We lost few books and around 400€. “Nice” lesion to have ha? 🙂 After a bitter pill to swallow – we went on enjoying our vacation…and meet 2 beautiful Slovenian souls that were our tour guides and that we hang with through all our vacation time. It was so nice to meet them, especially because we don’t have much of socialization here in england at all – it’s kinda hard to meet new people when you come as a couple over your thirties.

The first impressions here in Krf were good – nature was stunning! This light blue water, that was caressing my soul, the smell of the sea side…ahh…been waiting for this quite some time.


We did all the usual touristic things – went to see the blue lagoons with the boat, went to explore different beaches, chilling by the pool with all inclusive drinks etc…
The only thing I have to criticize was the hotel food – we were in Greece and this hotel had some kind of American style buffet – we are vegetarians and surprisingly the food was plain, average and on some days – not to tasty.
Luckily there were really awesome restaurants around – with authentic Greek food and with lots of character. Usually these restaurants are family owned and they did accommodate us surprisingly well! Loved that food!

This was the first time I ever experienced all inclusive vacation and I wouldn’t necessarily want to do it again. I think it kind of limits you to that same spot – because of the food you’re getting 3 times a day and because of all the “free” drinks. It can make you kinda lazy and static. But at that time – after a hard working summer – the pampering and laziness was what we really needed.


We have also rented a small automatic car, to explore the surrounding places and hidden gems. The journey took us to long sandy beaches and to some really special places, through this tiny road wrapped around the hills of Krf like a snake. It was quite a drive and a view, a memory I will never forget.

It’s interesting how at home I feel whenever I’m on the sea side. I know for sure that I will spend few years of my life living near one. Which one, when and where – still remain to be discovered.


We also decided to go to a tour to neighboring Albania for a day with our Slovenian tour guides (so happy to have meet them – they are beautiful souls and they have quite an interesting life story and are currently living in Krf).
The journey there was quite long and it started as a rainy day. We had to cross the border and board an old ship – which took 2 hours to cross over to Albania.  I went there open-minded and with no expectations – that’s usually how I deal with all situations in life. This way – there isn’t much room for disappointment – all that remains is pure experience with no judgment.

Albania was interesting – it has a lot of beautiful sites – cultural, old architecture, beautiful nature and modern touristic buildings. You can see hotels – that were build all over the hillside – but were never finished, so they just sit there on the hill side – forever empty. We visited natural reservation area, with stunning views. Our buss driver was also very funny and quirky person – just right for this job. 🙂 There was lunch that was included – and I was excited to try some Albanian food, But sadly it consist mainly meat – so we had some good rice and grilled veggies with a salad. At least we didn’t come out of it hungry. 🙂



Overall, these vacations were really nice. There’s some good in a bad and some bad in a good – but that’s just balance in life. My perspective on life and experiences is quite different and unique – I usually observe everything without judgment. I perceive it like a flow of Life with all this different pieces playing their part in a bigger picture. We all came here as souls – picking our own lives to learn from. And nothing is ever just black & white. 
there were some very memorable moments gathered and experienced throughout of all these days and my heart was telling me that I will definitely be back some day. <3  

Thank you Krf. 

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