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So I’m writing this post for one month back again. Even tho I have a LOT of free time to do my writing – there’s still not enough of time for everything I guess. But to be fair – it was quite a busy month. I even went back to Slovenia last week for my brother’s wedding – which was very lovely indeed.
So a month ago I went to visit my Slovenian friend Maja, who is living in Malta for 2,5 years already. It was a trip I long awaited – since the energies here in my flat were quite scattered and restless due to uneasy situation between me and my ex partner. The relationship wasn’t felt right for quite some time now – and I felt excited to get away for a week, to relax a bit, socialize and forget about love troubles for a while.

So the day finally came and I boarded a plane in Birmingham. It took me just 2,40 hour to Malta and the flight was smooth. Maja picked me up in their airport and we went around. First impressions were quite interesting. The weather wasn’t super sunny and hot – it looks like I’m taking this English weather with me where ever I go. The architecture reminded me of Moroccan style – sandy buildings, flat roofs, the colors resembled those in the desert. What I wasn’t prepared for were all the mixed cultures and races of people there – majority looking for an opportunity of new/better lives for themselves – since they fled poverty or war in their original countries.


Some informations about Malta;

” Malta is one of the world’s smallest countries. It is approximately to 204th largest country out of about 236 countries and the smallest country in the European Union. However, it is the eighth most densely populated country in the world. Lots of people must like living there! The Republic of Malta is actually a group of seven islands. The largest is Malta itself, followed by Gozo (about 6 kilometres away from Gozo, or just under 4 miles). In between Malta and Gozo is the tiny island of Comino in between the two. The other four Maltese islands are uninhabited. Almost half of Malta’s population live in the country’s capital, Valletta. The population of Malta, including Gozo and Comino, is approximately 410,000. About 199,000 live in and around Valletta and about 6,400 live in Victoria/Rabat, Gozo’s largest city. Comino has only 4 permanent residents. Malta is home to ancient Megalithic Temples. These are some of the oldest man-made structures in the world, with some thought to have been built back in 3600 BC, over 5000 years ago. This makes them older than the pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall of China, and Stonehenge in England.”

I will let the pictures to speak for themselves.


I just adored my time there. Ahh – could totally see myself living in Malta for few months a year. I would avoid super hot summer months, but spring and autumn must be amazing. I like the fact – that I could find the perfect balance between socializing and spending time in isolation and nature (with my dog). I am more introverted than anything else and do like socializing when feeling up to – and in that case I do give my 100% of attention to people. I really enjoyed Maja’s company and meeting all her friends. She lives in perfect place to go out and about and to get some taste of the night life – which we ofcorse did. I met many lovely souls and in my own peace (usually before I went to sleep) I had some time to think about my life, my future and what I really want and deserve in my experience called Life. I had some tough realizations and introspects about my own life – about ending and releasing all the thing that doesn’t feel right in my heart and that does not match my frequency anymore. I just could not bare the thought that I’m holding on to something (my relationship) that doesn’t feel right in my heart. I’ve met some wonderful people that I could connect in instant on deeper conversation level – and decided there and than, that that is the feeling I’m missing in my life…and found it easily abroad – but not in my own home.

Some pictures of fun times, delicious food and great company in Malta;




I am naturally attracted to the sea – I love everything about it. That’s why I can see myself living in Malta for few months a year in my near financially free future. Malta’s coastline is characterized by rocky areas rather than sandy beaches, which are limited. However, there are some small secluded sandy beaches scattered around the islands of Malta – famous is Paradise Bay, which we visited as-well ofcorse. My favorite little sightseeing was the Popeye’s village – secluded between rocks, with the nicest little beach and this modular village that was constructed for a movie about Popeye. It is simply adorable.





 Ahh…this whole 1 week trip reminded me of something I kinda put aside in my head for a while. That this life is our to create, that the story we are living is our to write and if we don’t like a chapter – we can certainly change it. It is never to late and never too soon. We as souls are creators…and there is already to much limitations that are being projected onto ourselves from all around us. So it is up to each and everyone of us to make a life we will like, love & enjoy. It just isn’t worth it to live anything differently than that.

So as far as my life’s concern now – sitting here in my favorite pub Wild rabbit in Kingham – I can tell you that I feel like me after a long long time (years actually). My soul and myself is finally free, exploring the potentials and corners of myself – and after 6 years of being in relationship and now single – I have all the time I desire to got to know myself and my heart again. And it’s not like I’m lost or anything – my vision is clearer than ever and my focus on the right track again – following my heart and my soul journey again.

p.s. I’m keeping my job – since it is the best I ever had and am still living in Cotswolds. And meanwhile, I’m focusing on my future business here in UK (that will give me even more freedom) and will update you through my travels and future posts.

 “The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has been before.”
—Albert Einstein



And Maja – thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for me there. I love you and will come back in near future. But firstly – you must come visit me here in Cotswolds. 

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