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MALLORCA, September 2019

So much to say, never know where exactly to start.  J Dealing with this year’s British summer and not so ideal and welcoming temperatures – it became even more obvious that my mind and body wants even needs some sun and much longed for sea. My last visit to the sea side where l could enjoy the sun and actually swim was 2 years ago in Greece!!! And a s a person who was always quite used to go to the sea side every summer, I was desperately deprived of everything it involves –  smell of the pine trees, sound of the waves on the shore, the taste of the salt on my skin, the warm breeze, sun kissed skin….you get the idea.

I’ve made an impulsive decision to go to Mallorca since l’ve never been. After some scenery imaging on google maps I’ve choose Magaluf. Looked like smallish town next to the capital Palma. Had two lovely sandy beaches on both sides just 200-300 meters away from my hotel. I was imagining it will be a good place to meet some people and to not isolate myself (I have enough of solitude in England).
I try to always approach unknown things with no expectations what so ever – therefore there’s little to no room for disappointments. Just taking open and observant mind with me – and I’m all set to deal with anything really.
But still – l wasn’t totally prepared to what l encounter.

Magaluf (even in the mids of September) is quite a touristic place, which comes as no surprise, but what was a surprise – was the encountering of small little Britain here. And clearly not the best ‘side’ of it either. All around there where British pubs, British sport places, British clubs, a lot of cheap fast food places. And with all of that British people. Mainly low working class people between 25-40 years old. Some with families, quite a lot of seniors as well. I heard a lot of notorious stories about British people and their behaviour abroad on vacation destinations across Europe and Asia. Surely there must be some exceptions, but 90% if not higher is just a pure disgrace to a collective representation of common British people.
Mindless souls devouring everything in front of them, with this strong feeling of entitlement, arrogant and loud, with this hunger that can never be satisfied, consuming products, fast food, alcohol, all in abundance, all in exaggeration, leaving chaos of garbage behind, leaving half full plates of food to go to waste, mindless deeds of sleeping zombies. Being completely unaware of mindful of any deeds, actions or its consequences, waking up every day with an never filling appetite to consume some substance and life that they are lacking in the reality they are created for themselves and are repeating it day by day. Trying to fill their deep void or empty space inside themselves – that their habits, thoughts and emotions are creating and is summed up in calling it ‘a living’. I’ve never seen so much aggression and coldness in one nation as I’ve encounter it here. Although l’m living in Britain for past 5 years, because l live in an area that has an upper class of people around – I rarely encounter ‘the real people’ of England. It came as surprise that majority of this aggression and ego outburst came from women. I’ve never witness soo much yelling, arguing, kicking doors and throwing things in my life…observing the emotional intelligence of a 5 years old children in a grown up bodies. Don’t misunderstand this point of presenting these images as a judgement – l can assure you l’m not judging anyone. It’s pure non-judgemental observance from a neutral mind. It always awakes deep compassion in my being – these kind of events. It’s a bit sad really, because it shouldn’t be this way, it doesn’t have to be this way. But in this time and space – this is the reflection of collective consciousness of this particular nation. And apparently that’s ok – that’s exactly the experience they should be having right now.

And as far as my experience goes, In first few days l had some awesome, perfect conditions to enjoy sea, sand, sun and wind to its fullest. My body obtained this lovely olive tan and my hair loved the freestyling from the salty waves. Later on l encounter some awesome storms with lightning, little tornado devils forming in the clouds, some chaos on the sea.

Also met some interesting people. A charming, dark, tall and handsome man from Palma, who reminded me of myself roughly 10 or more years ago, even tho were the same age. I’ve met an interesting soul from Argentina over dinner, who lives in Miami and for past few months working in Mallorca filming a reality documentary of staff on super yachts. We had a lovely, deep, full of perspectives exploring conversation. On Friday the 13th and full moon l was invited over to the other side of another small town to join a group of very well mannered Irish man. If Magaluf is English adapted – than Santa Ponca is an Irish domain. If you’ve never been to Ireland – you can to a some degree experience it here. Especially their people, music, culture. But l must say, the whole experience was still much more pleasant than encountering the British side.
Amongst all this fast food and non-spanish culture and food, I was still lucky enough to find some absolute gems of the places where I’ve had some awesome veggy options with great Mediterranean food. As some of you may know – l do like to enjoy my food and a glass of good wine with it. Indulge in it. Life’s little pleasures. Paella still my favourite.

On Sunday l was supposed to go on a boat trip. Woke up early, packed the essentials, was the first one down for a breakfast and headed towards the spot where the boat is usually picking the people up in the docks. Was a bit of a windy morning, like two previous ones, but nothing too bad l thought. The boat never came. So a bit disappointed (l was looking forward to explore little coves and beaches) l went to my favourite place there called the Zen lounge and reached out to a contact l’ve got a day before online.

Little did l know that this beautiful soul would change everything about how l would experience the rest of my time on Mallorca. He is from Belgium, living on the island for 5 years now. Has a Happy van tours – exclusive trips for 6-8 people, where he takes them to the most beautiful parts of the island for a day, to visit best cliffs, secret coves and beaches and offering the experience not many tourists can explore and reach on their own. That Sunday was his day off the touring so he invited me to join him and his friends to a secluded beach and to hike up the hill to catch the sunset and amazing views. Naturally l did. I’m glad now that that boat never showed up. All of them (one person was American and the girl was from Italy – all living in Mallorca now) were very welcoming, warm and pleasant to share my energy with.  I’ve finally met some people of my vibrational match. The beach was beautiful, surrounded with pine tress on elevated position, leaving the observer with a display of gorgeous views. We spend few hours in interesting conversations, information sharing, good vibes, snorkelling, swimming etc. And the day ended (well it was already well into the night) with some breathtaking views from our hike on the top of the hill. We were there just the right time when the day light transforms into the night, that small period of 15 – 20 minutes is still my favourite time of the day. All the building lights were starting to pop up down at the bay, there was this beautiful night sky where the boundaries between the sky and the sea was almost blurred. So magical if you put the right awareness of the moments to that present.

Monday was a bit cloudy and the sun was hiding away. So was a perfect time to have a chill day of good food and walks. It also gave me the opportunity to compose half of my blog there in the sea side restaurant waiting for my food. As l was writing other impressions of the last few days at the Palma airport.

On Tuesday morning l was finally able to join a 6 hours boat trip. We had a paella cooked on the board, we went to see the Dragonera island, where we had an hour to wander around, stopped at 2 beautiful swimming spots with free masks to dive in and see all the beautiful fish that came for food closer to the boat. Was a lovely – but typically touristic experience. On Tuesday night l went back to Palma to stay with the guys as we set out on happy van tour the following day. And l had the opportunity to learn a bit more about this free-spirited soul as l spent more time with him. There was something so familiar about his energy and we are in many perspectives very similar and in others our ways of living are worlds apart. Yet our energies merged together nicely and for about 3 days of socialising l can say he managed to bring up a part of myself that l closed off from the world for quite few months. His giving nature, acceptance and warmth made a space for me where my true essence could emerge simply because it was fully noted. Not many people have an ability to really noticing someones essence. And when my being does come to full life- it is just mesmerising beautiful.

In the morning people joined in and we set of to the trip. We visited 3 beaches, 2 of them very unspoiled and mystic. The type of places where its beauty doesn’t give you much options other than shut up for a bit and humbly becoming one with everything for few moments.

I was finally been able to properly snorkel, taking in the vastness and blue-ness of the pristine clear sea, its habitants and some very remarkable jellyfish. I was trying to stop few moments to just dwell in them and stay there for a while, while also being well aware that all of it is passing by and ending. Observing the experience while I’m still having it puts this perspective of its limiting nature to me. I can feel the greatness of the moments with equal acknowledgement of it being perishable. And because of this awareness that experiences are having this limit in duration, l can somehow value it more, being grateful for it more. I almost forgot what kind of feelings a seaside awakens in me. I’ve always adored it, was always drawn to it. And l know for sure deep down in my gut feeling – that my (near) future involves living near it. There was a young Bosnian girl in the group as well. Very warm and pleasant girl with who was really funny to speak Bosnian again after quite some time. Had to really think about words and reminded myself that l need to take a Slovene book in my hands very soon (not just English ones). As not using the language often, words are starting to slip back at the bottom of a ‘memory box’.

The sun, sea, swimming, snorkelling, doing underwater filming (by the all talented tour boss Simon), hiking and socialising leaves people quite tired after a day. So in the end everyone was in contentment of a very well spent day and tired body.  

I’ve spent one more night in Palma instead of my British infested hotel. As we set out for a late lovely dinner in Palma’s alley with Simon we shared some deeper life learning and teachings, talked about creativity and life’s passions, talked about awareness and perspectives. And as those blue eyes gazed at mines, for few moments here and there l could feel like he is really able to see me. To see me almost as l see myself. To acknowledge the depth and vastness…at least so it was felt on occasions. Being fully perceived and perceived one fully is a very rare and special gift and not many people have it.  And for me – as l became someone who can maintain the inner calmness and my own energy in almost any situation – that came with a big portion of detachment as well. I felt really detached from especially people for quite few months now. Not really able to feel much about them. Being very neutral. And this unexpected beautiful soul has changed that a bit.

As l left Palma around Thursday noon, l left with my heart being quite full after a long while. Spent last 6-7 hours on a beach front, was swimming for one more last time (for some time ), treating myself to a last dinner on Mallorca, last ‘white’ sangria’ and one last barefoot stroll through the sand of a long beach. Couldn’t help but to fully feel how my near future sea side life would feel like, what kind of emotions it awakes and what kind of life waits for me in that future – present. That is how you create that reality into materialising itself anyway. So as l was flying back to England from Palma, my energy was restored, my heart was full and l was very thankful with a big smile on my face for the whole unfolding of this experience. Also couldn’t wait to go back to my big comfy bed and invite Gaia the dog and Eros the cat (hes a new edition to the family in past 3 months) for some night cuddles.

 P.S. I am also very grateful for my friends Margarida and Iriel who took such a good care of my fuffies while l was away. Love you lots. 

Till the next time….

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