February 19, 2016
March 28, 2016

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“The only certainty we are experiencing in life is uncertainty. The only constant that we have in our life is constant change.”

“We value comfort, stability and certainty and yet these things don’t really exist and they are more of an obstacle than something to look forward. This usually causes some people stress, as they worry about the future that they cannot see, control or put in the box. So really the best thing you can do is to revalue your thinking, your perception – so that you not only value change, but embrace it as a healthy and important part of your life.”

“It is change that allows us to succeed at our goals. It is change that allows new opportunities to reveal themselves to us. It is change that allows us to be creative. It is change that heals us. It is change that allows us to try different things. It is change that encourages us to adopt new things. It is change that allows us to move beyond our comfort zones. It is change that allows us to change our beliefs.” Fear is the state of mind – when you realize that – you can begin the journey that your soul came here to make.

Our working experience here in Hertfordshire is coming to an end this summer. Therefore we have some thinking ahead of us – regarding our future. We could easily stay for another year or two. These surroundings and the property are quiet, magical and lovely. The people we are working for are genuine friendly, polite, easygoing and undemanding. I love and adore their senior dog Bear, who will be in my heart for a long long time. It is a great position in general and a great working environment.

How did our lives changed since we are here?

Well it did. Being away from your common life experiences changes you. On the one side of the coin – many good things have happened. I started writing this blog 5 months ago, which has around 4000 readers already (to everybody reading my blog – I am deeply grateful ♥ ). I’m also putting my vegan recipes together to write an E-book of my favorite vegan meals. We managed to save a good sum of money. Life became uncomplicated, unstressful and smooth. We became more connected with nature.

Over almost 2 years, we accumulated lots of exceptional memories throughout the UK.


UK Collage

LD Collage

PRAGUE Collage

There is always the other side of the coin – a contrasting story. There’s this comfort level that just happens when you are in a satisfying situation.  As far I know myself – that is usually a bad sign for me. As soon as I get comfortable in a situation – I could “sit” there for years. Meanwhile, life gets away. I get away. As we don’t know lots of people here and don’t have a social circle to hang out with, share ideas and perspectives, life can get a little superficial. It is about that feeling of not living to the fullest. It gets lonely occasionally, it gets tough. My love and I are together every day for the last 3.8 years. That can be challenging from time to time.  I’m very fortunate to have the best friend in him – cause this makes things a lot easier. We enjoy each other company; we can talk for hours about the deepest meanings of everything surrounding us and can feel energized and connected. From time to time we argue of corse, and we try to learn from it – mainly about ourselves. We came to a realization, that even if we are a couple, each has a lot of inner work and obstacles to overcome and learn about. We’ll give each other support and reflection when needed in this never-ending school of Life. But often we forget, how important it is to spend some time on your own…alone, doing the things you enjoy to reconnect to your essence.

After feeling comfortable in this position, I felt more and more uncomfortable in my own skin. Felt somehow trapped for a while, forgetting that I’m (we are) the one that is having the control over our lives in our hands. And there is another side – that the couple we are working for needs a little more that we can offer. They need professional carers which we are not trained to do.  So with our best intentions and love – we all figured out something that works perfectly for both sides.

So our nearest plans are – to embrace the change once again. I somehow forgot – that this is where the felling of aliveness comes from – for me. We’re leaving England in the summer time. Taking half of our things to our former employer and a dear friend (where we are always welcome). We’ll spend one week there and begin our journey back home with the help of couchsurfers. Then we’re spending some time on active vacation time in Slovenia and Croatia sea side (the thing we missed the most while living in UK). I’m looking forward to spent time with the people I care for, animals I love, places I adore. It’s like walking back to familiar me.


HOME Collage
CRO collage


In beginning of September – the plan is to return to England –probably back to our former bosses J&J. We are welcome to stay there until we find a new situation, which shouldn’t be a problem with our excellent references we obtained during this time here. We probably have a year,  year and a half or maybe 2-3 years of English working experience ahead of us. And we are here primarily to fund our future 2-3 years of free-er life – consisting of spending time home, traveling for 2 years around the Europe, finishing the Earthship biotecture academy, engaging in awesome projects with amazing like-minded souls, learning, growing, giving, receiving, loving, living and enjoying this experience called Life.

That’s what it was always about.


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