SHROPSHIRE & WILTSHIRE – Why England? October 2014
October 29, 2015
October 29, 2015


THE ROAD TO HAPPINESS is always the road towards the unknown. “Our culture today promises security, but we know well what we need is inner security, which comes only from knowing our true selves and from knowing our talents, potential, and abilities – and if not that – it comes from our soul calling, our dreaming and wishing.  The path we need to travel is not reached by getting security from the work we do at the command of others, but instead, from the work we do at the command of our deepest yearnings for self-expression, by simply doing what we most enjoy. It is the way we can never fail.”

It’s been A YEAR since we have been “away” and it’s been 3 years with my love since we meet each other – and recognize each other in May 2012.

In May – our UK journey has taken us to Ware. We found a job position that we’d hoped and dreamed of. We are helping out an elderly couple on a beautiful property. The work involves taking care of the house and taking care of outside gardens, lawns and flowerbeds. The work is relaxing, easygoing… it kind of feels like helping people out with everyday chores. We have our own part of the house to live in free of utility bills. Our home is an old rectory style house, full of warmth and lovely pictures of the family – which you can clearly see that is very connected. People are super nice and polite and we are in the phase of getting to know one another. So far, so good. They are very sensible, having very interesting lives, lots of stories to share and an inspiration to lots of people.

We are situated between the town of Ware and the town Hertford. The surroundings are all green, there are beautiful and traditional small villages, all of it is very cute and perfect for us nature lovers. The property is absolutely beautiful. All fenced, 2 acres of greenery, flowerbeds, gardens and trees. Our dog Gaia enjoys this tremendously. And the funny part is – that I initially thought – that Gaia will be an obstacle in finding the right job here, but in this case – she was an advantage. These people adore her. Who wouldn’t – she is still the most beautiful dog I ever met. Lots of time to relax in nature, to exercise and Gaia has her best friend Bear here – a lovely elderly Labrador that I just love and adore.

We’ve also had a friend from Slovenia (Tadej) visiting  us. He and his friend are also hoping to get a job opportunity in England. It was really nice to see them, to catch up and to talk beyond every “normal” conversation. It always feels good when you vibe with people and everybody just understands your perspective (or at least they try to). 🙂 It was fun having them here for two days and to relax on the property and house, which we had all for ourselves for the weekend.

And regarding our job position – we finally have enough of money to breathe a little easier and to reward our self with a few things that weren’t an option before (tech gadgets, clothes, dinners, parties etc..). Life overall is very content here, everything has fallen into its place. We’re earning our monthly Slovenian paycheck in a week. Very are pleased about that – especially because of the nature of the job (like I mention before – it feels like giving your energy not really working). By living quite well here (we’ll be staying two years), we can save from 30.000 – 40.000€ in two years and that is awesome!!!! In our case – this is a ticket to our free life afterwards, traveling, learning, participating in amazing projects, exploring EU countries, going back to USA…and a part of all these – everything else is open.

“There is something magical about having your plans open and not knowing what exactly the future will bring (you can’t really know – but majority of people feel save in false security that the system provides them – not knowing that all of it will sooner or later come to an end; the only consistent/sure thing in our universe is change – and we should all focus on it, instead of fighting it). We often think to ourselves that playing it safe is a smart bet. To play it safe, many of us take the job with the good benefits, drive the car with the good mileage, and buy the home in the safe community. Not realizing that these are the herd driven acts.”

“These »ideas« would rarely come from their true selves or from their hearts. The reason why we assume that some actions are safe and others are dangerous is that, in many cases, we have accepted the viewpoint of the herd, and stopped looking for the other side of the coin. Somewhere along the line it was decided that it was safe to go to college, get a specific type of job, pay your taxes, settle down in a love – hate relationship, and have few kids, never really explore their potentials, talents, they are getting by life instead of experiencing and truly living.  Because of directives from the herd like these, many people have conformed to a very similar life structure, often hoping to play the “safe” bet in life. So where is the danger? The reason why taking your decisions from a place of fear is dangerous is because fear draws fearful things toward it. This is why people who take every precaution to avoid illnesses and accidents tend to be the ones who have the most of them. By focusing on what we don’t want, we actually draw these things closer to us! For this reason, playing it safe is not at all a safe bet.”

“The reality is, that if you can find a way to drop the fear, you will literally have nothing to fear. When you are moving in the flow of the universe, and following your intuition with total faith, you are as safe as you can ever be.”

As for me – for the first time in my Life I feel free. I feel like I have the control over my Life and that I’m creating my future. It is overwhelming feeling. With all the knowledge, experiences I gained through my Life –  I finally came to the point where I Trust Life and Universe and I just gave in. “Trust in the universal intelligence which gives you the opportunity to ‘step aside’ so the divinity within you can express and shine in the best way it knows how. Stepping aside means that you step on a heart-led journey that knows precisely how to create its own way, and to honor and sustain you in the process.” Tuning in with the vibrations of the Universe. Raise your frequency and tune in. You probably heard these expressions before.

I will take a moment here to say thanks and my gratitude to my Love, partner, friend, soul and sharer of this beautiful journey – Hrvoje. I don’t express myself enough – how proud I am of you. You learned so much and transformed a great deal. You can now watch your thought, observe your behavior and have the power to correct it. You found your purpose, you found your spark and you know what makes you happy. You are now a complete person with lots of experiences and stories and interesting perspectives. Your aim – to be a better self than you were yesterday is remarkable. Sometimes I watch you how you speak with other people and my heart just melts. I can see that you speak your mind freely now and that lots of it comes from your heart. Sure – we have misunderstandings from time to time, how would we not have them – we are very different individuals in perspective of our mindsets, but we serve perfectly to each other. I am so grateful to have you in my Life and that we are sharing this journey together. You make me smile and with you – I can be the whole me. You even helped me to get to know myself better. We still have lots to learn, but learning and improving with you is very rewarding. I’m glad that we have similar dreams that we can manifest into reality. I’m thankful for all our random deep conversations about Life, love, universe, being and so much more. After 3 years of being together till this date – you are still very affectionate, passionate and lovingly in many ways – even more. Thank you so much for loving me.  Love you sweetheart. ❤

Oww yeah – one more thing about England I didn’t mentioned before – country side is full of animals, people love animals here, badgers and hedgehogs are protected, they breed pheasants here – so you see this magnificent birds everywhere you go for a walk…and there are lots and lots of wild rabbits – rabbits everywhere – so Gaia is in her doggie heavens. And people really love dogs – they are treating them like a members of the family – the only way dogs should be treated – and all animal pets. I am beyond grateful that our dog Gaia can share this experience with us. Without her – everything would be a little emptier. She will be one well traveled dog in next few years or so. She is also transforming and growing and learning. I always like to observe these magnificent creatures of the universe…their habits, behavior, learning and being.

And then in this October 2015 our boss gave me the nice-est gift – his London‘s house for the weekend. We have spent there 2 nights and 3 days. 🙂 London has its charm after all.

Best birthday gift ever!!!

I will close this up with a thought – that not everyone has a chance to change their lives. I can’t imagine some poor people of this world taking control of their lives into their own hands and make a Life. For many – unfortunately it is rarely possible – because of the situations they are in. But our “secure” generation and many people I personally know can change their lives. You can change it over and over until you find everything you’ve been looking for. There should be no excuse of keeping yourselves in situations that don’t make you happy, that don’t fulfill you. You can always end something and start anew. And you should – you see – you have just this one chance (this lifetime in this form anyway) and you should make it remarkable. If you could just understand, that the only thing holding you back is your way of thinking and holding on to the false ideals you have learned to follow. Life can be so much more – if you are willing to unlearn and relearn. There is another world out there – but it is in this one.

Greetings till next time.

Lots of love. 😉


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