October 29, 2015
November 3, 2015



Ingredients: (4-5 people)

*3 eggplants

* 3 red and yellow peppers

* 1 jar of your favorite tomato sauce (can be with herbs or any type)

* chili paste or fresh chilies

* salt, pepper, sugar veggie bouillon ( or any kind of organic veggie cube), smoked paprika, fresh parsley

* 2 teaspoons of sugar or agave syrup

* 1 cup of black or other rice




1. Peel the eggplants – but don’t peel whole. Peel one strip, leave one and peel another, leave one (it will keep them together after cooking for longer time). Then cut them in half an inch squares (or whatever you prefer).

2. Clean the peppers; cut them half an inch pieces.

3. On a pan – grill eggplants squares till soft (use 2 pans for quicker result). Then move them to a larger saucepan. Grill the peppers the same way, 5-10 min till soften. Add them to eggplants.

4. Add tomato jar, chilies (can be a fair amount, this dish is supposed to be hot), smoked paprika, bouillon, salt, black pepper. Also add half of the cup or whole cup of water and one small spoon of organic sugar.

5. Add the sugar or agave syrup and mix everything together. Taste the sauce. Add if something is missing. Cook for 35-45 minutes. This dish is phenomenal if cooked longer.


With it I serve Asian white rice or black rice. (1,5 cup of rice for 4 people). It goes very well together with polenta too.

This meal is absolutely delicious. It is my favorite vegan dish.



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