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I have (had) this favorite meal since a little child. Stuffed peppers with minced meat and rice baked in the oven and then cooked in the tomato sauce. Served with mash potatoes.  Even now – since being vegetarian (almost vegan) just the mentioning of this food makes my mouth go all watery.

So I decided today to try and make some – vegan ones.
I knew it would be some work – especially if you do something for the first time. So it began with fishing for recipes online – what I usually do – and then combine them or taking something off the recipe. Make them my own.
I couldn’t find something that would satisfy my idea – so I did this by myself.
The result was absolutely wonderful. Even better than the meaty ones I had years ago. <3

Here is the recipe, step by step. It does take around an hour to make them – but you can make the whole pot and eat them through the weekend. Or freeze them down. Either way – this recipe is a star.

Ingredients; (4 people)

* 8 medium peppers (red and yellow, the best are pale yellow because of the thinner skin)
* 2 cups of tomato sauce
* ½ cup of Arborio rice (for risotto) and ½ cup of quinoa (if you don’t have any just use 1 cup of rice)
* 1 medium potato, 1 onion, 1 carrot
* 1 cup of sage and onion stuffing ( I have bought it in the store under gluten free compartment). You can also make stuffing yourself – with sage, parsley, roasted onions, and breadcrumbs

* 1 small apple
* 5 large potatoes for the mash potato (+ some vegan butter and rice ½ of rice milk for the mash)
* ½ red wine, salt, black pepper, sweet red pepper seasoning, tomato pure, bouillon or veggie stock



1. Cut the core and the top of all peppers.

2. Start to prepare the stuffing.
– take half of the onion and simmer it in little oil for 3-4 minutes. Put in rice and quinoa. Stir around and add some veggie stock or bouillon (half the cup). When rice absorbs it – add some more and stir. Repeat till you use 2 – 2,5 cups of boiling water (mixed with veggie stock). It will take 20 min for rice and quinoa to be cooked.
– cut half onion put it in another pan with little oil. Simmer for 4-5 minutes and add ½ cup of red wine. Add shredded carrot and shredded potato. Stir around the pan for 8-10 minutes.
– prepare the sage and onion stuffing (take half of the cup and put over 1 cup of boiling water and some vegan butter and stir.
– put all three ingredients together in one bowl (cooked rice, cooked carrot with potato and sage stuffing). For vegetarians – this is a good time to add some freshly grated parmesan cheese

There’s also a second way of doing the stuffing that will resemble the traditional peppers stuffing with minced meat – you can do it with soy crumble substitute. Just pour some boiling water over a cup of soy crumble (bought in any health store) and add a veg cube stock. Add some black pepper, marjoram, and a tea spoon of mild muster. Combine soy with half of cup of cooked rice and stuff the bell peppers with it. 

3. Fill the peppers and put them vertically in a baking tray (with a little oil) so they will all fit in. Bake for 30 minutes.

4. Meanwhile – prepare the sauce.
– in a cooking pan put some oil, add tomato puree (2-3 tablespoons) and sweet red pepper seasoning. Pinch of red wine.
– add 2 cups of tomato sauce and half of litter of boiling water
– than mix approximately 3 table spoons of flour with a cup of cold water and stir with a fork – so all the bums disappear. Slowly put in the sauce, stirring the whole time to make the sauce thicker.
– add halved apple, 2 tea spoons of lemon juice, some nutmeg and bay leaf. Also put in some agave syrup or a little bit of sugar (taste – it should be just right sweet and just right sauer). Cook for 15 minutes.

5. When the peppers are done in the oven – put them in the sauce and cook for another 10 minutes.

6. Make the mash potatoes – just as you like them. Mine are with vegan butter and rice milk.

7. Serve with half mash potato, sauce and 2 peppers per person.

And I’m hungry again – just by writing this recipe.
Feel free to make something differently, season by your own taste – don’t be afraid to experiment a little.
This recipe works! 😉

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