Eating is a natural, healthy and pleasurable activity for satisfying hunger. However, in our food-abundant, diet-obsessed culture, eating is often mindless, consuming, and guilt-inducing instead.
I discovered that our eating habits affect the world far more profoundly, than I have ever dreamed. They have an impact, which extends far beyond issues of our own health. We believe that we now know enough about food and our eating habits, but we couldn’t be more wrong. None of us is questioning why we eat the way we do – why we choose certain foods. And the answer would be in most cases – because we were brought up this way. Ignorance is causing needless suffering. Daily eating choices impact the environment greatly. Thus, changing your eating habits may prove to be one of the most effective ways to help preserve the environment. Fortunately, the choices that benefit the environment often keep you healthier, too, while leaving you with a wide variety of delicious foods to choose from.
I was lacking true knowledge on this topic for 28 years …But, I have been living the last three years a little less ignorant on food topic – and still have lots of work to do.
The book that really changed my perspective and feelings about what I eat is World peace diet by Will Tuttle. “Until we are willing and able to make the connections between what we are eating and what was required to get it on our plate, and how it affects us to buy, serve, and eat it, we will be unable to make the connections that will allow us to live wisely and harmoniously on this earth. When we cannot make connections, we cannot understand, and we are less free, less intelligent, less loving, and less happy.”  -Will Tuttle
So, on this site I will be sharing  the recipes that are very dear to my heart. The food that I’m cook regardless of where my location. I’ve cooked this food in Slovenia, United states and England. And who ever had the opportunity to try it – absolutely loved it! Some recipes are traditional Slovene with a little twist (made vegan or vegetarian). Hope you will enjoy food topic.

You will find some healthy, easy, interesting and simple recipes in far left corner of my site.